ReVision is AI-powered software that ensures objective language in real-time.

Communication can foster relationships, or further divide us; it can build bridges, or put up barriers. ReVision supports educators to use objective, neutral language in their communications with students and families. Administrators can see aggregate data to identify trends and drive decision-making. ReVision cuts the time that educators spend reviewing and revising report cards, student evaluations, and referrals, and helps administrators make decisions about professional development.

Communicate Effectively

Make sure that your language and tone are saying what you mean to say. Use your language to foster mutual understanding.

Protect and Support

Protect yourself from unintentionally causing harm. Support better understanding of subjectivity in communication.

Actionable Data

See your own improvement over time, and track organizational trends using aggregate data. Use this data to tailor professional development.

See the Evidence of Your Work

Schools spend billions on professional development. See the proof of your efforts in ReVision's data, and use this data for reporting, fundraising, and sales.
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We are educators, parents, and Ed Tech leaders

Pulling from each of our areas of expertise, we boast an innovative and unstoppable leadership team. Our core values are authenticity, equity, and evidence-based action. We apply our values to all aspects of ReVision.

Our Leadership Team


Invest in Innovation

In partnership with with Atomic, we have completed our Minimum Viable Product (MVP), building out
a custom, domain-specific training model coupled with an LLM to become
the most accurate, tailored support to educators' writing on the market.
We are currently seeking additional funding to continue to refine our product so that
we provide the best possible experience for teachers and children.


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